Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of Ashley

Good day my lovely readers! Before I start posting, I wanted to introduce you to myself a bit. I feel like the best way to connect to your reader is to be as open and true, so they can fully embrace the words on the page. Lets begin 😊

Lets touch on the basics. My name is Ashley Renée MacLachlan. Born March 13th, 1997 (almost ready for my quarter-life-crisis). I teeter on the line of believing in astrology, and not. This is because I feel like I do exude so many aspects of my zodiac signs, but I also think it can be a whole lot of hooey. My favourite colour is pink (rose gold to be specific), and I LOVE blankets. I know that seems like a weird thing to put in the intro to myself, but I really really like blankets, fuzzy socks, and slippers. I try to dress quite fashionable – not necessarily in style with the current trends as I typically walk to my own drum beat. When at home though, you will find me in the coziest of clothing with no makeup on and a glass of wine in hand. I feel like life has to be balanced. You show up in public looking like a star, that means you can be a blanket burrito at home. Currently working as an Administrative Assistant at an IT company. I would not say that is my dream job, but it pays the bills and teaches me the ins-and-outs of running a business. I am also from munchkin-land – I stand but 5ft tall. My family is one of the most important things in my life. They push me to be the best version of myself.

Now that you know some of the surface things that define me as a person, let us delve a little bit deeper. The biggest thing that drives me everyday is that I know I am destined for success. I have not determined at what yet, but I know great things will find their way into my life. I have spent over a year and a half now working on myself and how I show up in the world. The confidence I have gained, and continue to build is outstanding! I moved to New Zealand for a year because I got drunk and booked a one way flight. I did not know a single person who lived there, so it gave me an opportunity not everyone gets – a full reset. I had the chance to rebuild who I was. Returning back to Canada, people were quick to tell me that I had changed so very much! This was a huge compliment to me. I was finally able to show up in the world the way I was always meant to. My biggest fear in life is mediocrity. This is why I am a unique individual. I choose each and everyday to stand out in a crowd. I will never be a wall-flower.

I have a full range of hobbies as well (one might argue too many hobbies…). These all typically fall into the realm of creativity. Makeup artistry, interior design, upcycling furniture, sewing, sketching, crafting, cooking, baking, video games, writing letters, etc. Nothing makes me happier than creating! I have so many ideas flying around in my brain that I have to carry a notebook around so I can silence the thoughts. I used to play softball when I was younger as well. Sports were fun for me, but they weren’t my passion. I am a certified and award-winning Makeup Artist. I have been practicing since 2014 – with my certification in 2016. I have participated in bridal shows, Fan-Con in PG, events, etc. I have taken a bit of a step back as moving to NZ and having Covid follow that up have made it difficult to gain clientele. In 2018 I had a makeup line as well. This was a brief period as I did not have the support required to continue retailing the product. I still use it on myself and my clients though – so not all is lost and it was an amazing experience.

If you follow me on my social medias, you will have been introduced to my geeky side as well. This is a huge defining characteristic of my personality! I was bullied for it when I was younger, so I chose to hide the fact that I was a geek. This was one of the darkest times of my life as I felt like I was not being true to myself. When I was a wee-tyke I would sit on my father’s lap while he played Warcraft. He is the main curator of my love for the fantasy/ sci-fi worlds. I own some pretty neat replicas as well. These range from small things like the one ring, all the way to a replica of Azog the Defiler’s mace.

What can you expect from this blog? Well good sir (or madam), I currently do not know! I will write about my interests, passions, tips and tricks I use in my daily life, and whatever you want to read about. I want to tailor this blog to captivate my audience as it grows. If you have suggested topics, or you want me to research something, please tell me! I absolutely love learning new things, and facts please me greatly. I hope to provide content for a wide-variety of people, and still keep everyone engaged.

I am grateful to the people who have supported me to this point, and for the people who are just joining the journey now! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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