In-Store Thrifting Tips - Clothing Edition

Good day beautiful humans! To continue on this thrifting vibe, I will give you some tips for thrifting clothing. I absolutely love getting second hand clothing.

Growing up, I HATED trips to VV- Boutique (Value Village). I felt that wearing clothing that was not off the rack made me cheap, or un-cool. Who would want used items? - I would think to myself. –

Moving to New Zealand changed this for me. The culture of re-purposing was so high there. I was introduced to my very first consignment store. This hit different, because it gave the feeling of elitism to the world of thrifting. I could find high quality products, for a fraction of the price. What is this mystery world I have been missing out on? Each piece of clothing that I run my hands over now tells a story.

1. My biggest tip is to keep your eyes peeled.

a. People will gather a bunch of items and when they are working their way around the store, decide that they don’t want it anymore and just put it down. So that perfect shirt may actually be laying in the housewares section.

2. Touch each piece of clothing.

a. I know its so tempting to just glaze over, but you might actually find a hidden gem just by touching and looking at each specific piece.

3. Look at all sizes.

a. Yes, you may be a large, but sometimes things get misplaced, or mislabeled. Or as every woman knows – each sizing is pretty much a generic lie.

b. Over-sized is in right now as well, so you could find a new fav just by shopping around.

4. Do not go thrifting when in a rush.

a. If you do this, you will most definitely pass up that item that you are unsure about because you don’t have the time to try it on or imagine styling it. Unlike a traditional store, the item may not be there the next time you return.

5. Big ticket items on a small ticket cost.

a. What I mean by this is that you should always check thrift stores before buying that $6k wedding dress. You can find one for less than $200. Those things are worn once and discarded..

- Personal story here - my sister found a GORGEOUS wedding dress (and matching veil), from Surplus Herby's. Total cost? $201.60.

6. Dress for the Occasion.

a. Not every thrift store (especially in these Covid times), will let you try things on, so wear tight fitting, light clothing if possible. This will allow you to try things on in the middle of the store.

b. If you are wearing shoes without socks – BRING SOCKS. You don’t want to be putting your foot into shoes without disinfecting them first.

7. Go with a friend who’s also keen on thrifting.

a. As much as thrifting alone can be fun, having a friend with you will give you twice the sets of eyes! You will have someone to bounce fashion ideas off of, and you may actually walk away with a piece you would not have picked for yourself

8. If the item is flawed then ask for a price reduction.

a. Thread coming loose? Perhaps there is a small tear, or a deep scuff on the shoe. If these are in your capabilities to mend, ask for a price reduction. If you do not think you can fix it, skip the item. It may look super cool, but it will fall apart sooner rather than later.

b. If you do purchase a flawed item, fix it RIGHT AWAY. Or it will become a decoration in your closet because “oh, I forgot that needs to be fixed”.

9. Thrift while traveling.

a. This is my favourite tip! You will find the coolest pieces away from home – I guarantee it. It will also allow you to see what the fashion in each culture has been like over the years.

10. Use your imagination and visualize.

a. Yes, that shirt may be a really nice find, but do you have pieces to make it into an outfit, and do you think you could find them? Thrifted pieces (especially from Zara) are my FAVOURITE, because they are usually a touch odd. These can be hard to style though.

b. If you are not sure, try to style it with random pieces in the store – this will give you an idea if you could make an outfit out of the piece.

Do you have some thrifting tips you want to share? I will take all the knowledge I can get! Hope these have helped you out though 😊