Facebook Marketplace Pro Tips - Seller Edition

Good morning beautiful people! I am going to be doing a few blog posts that are related. These will touch base on how to thrift and barter like a pro, so please subscribe if you want to be notified when the next post goes live (it will be Mondays, but I do not know the exact time...oops). This is part one out of two for how to become a pro at using Facebook Marketplace, and other similar platforms such as Kijiji, Trade Me, etc. I will be providing tips for the SELLER in part one, part two is tips for the BUYER.

Selling tips:

1. List high! This is crucial. You need to plan that people are going to barter your price (or they may not, and you just sold your item above what you were planning on getting for it). If you are trying to get rid of the item quickly, do not add too high of a cushion, but if you don’t mind holding onto it for a bit, this can be very useful for getting more buck for your bang.

a. Rule of thumb: Items between $1-$20, give yourself a $5-$15 cushion.

$21-$50, a $10-$40 cushion.

$50+, give yourself a 100% cushion (ie $50, list for $100, $60, list for $120).

b. This also allows you to drop the price if it hasn’t sold, making it appear like they are receiving a really good deal, but you are still getting what you originally wanted for it.

2. Give large quantity incentives. This is such a helpful tool for when you are selling clothing, knickknacks, etc. Listing each item separately may work, but if you can sell it as a bundle, why not?

a. Put each item in a separate photo and number them (if you will be listing them at different prices), or just separate photos if they will be the same price.

In the description list the prices that correspond with the numbers or just say something like “Each item is $10”. Then hit them with your incentive. Say you have 5 tops listed for 2x $10, 2x $15, and 1x $5, say “or take the whole lot for $40 ($55 value).”

This gives them a REASON to take the whole lot off your hands. They’re getting ‘free’ items in their eyes.

3. Use clear/ quality photos. I am not saying you have to use a professional camera, but you should be able to tell what the item is, just from the photo. I know its fun to style a table to make it more attractive to the buyer, but they are buying the table, not the accessories.

a. If you want to style the item, make that the second photo. Use a bland, clear photo for the first one. This will allow the buyer to see what the item that is being sold actually is. (nothing more frustrating than a caption that says ‘household items’, but they are only selling the fake plants and mason jar cups that are being displayed on a console table)

b. Lighting people! Do not list super dark photos. You want to make it easy for the buyer to identify the item you are selling. Do not make them work for it.

c. If there are damages, provide photos. You will either miss buyers because you listed “minimal scratches” but didn’t show them, OR you will end up with an unhappy buyer for not disclosing the damages at all.

4. Define the item in the listing title. If you are selling multiple items, try to pick something vague enough, but still niche. If you are selling a single item – BE SPECIFIC.

a. Example: You are selling women’s clothing, ranging from size small to medium, and they are all shirts. Don’t – ‘Clothing lot’, Do – ‘Women’s shirt lot (s-m)’.

b. Example: You are selling a Sony Rx100 IV camera, with accessories. Don’t – ‘Sony Camera’, Do- ‘Sony Rx100 IV with accessories’.

5. Keep the description of the item informative and as short as possible. People are not on the Marketplace for a fun story, but they do want to know about the item they want to purchase. On the flipside – PUT A DESCRIPTION.

a. Example: You are selling a vintage solid oak coffee table that has been freshly retouched. Don’t – ‘During our trip to (insert place), we stopped at a flea market that we saw advertised on the side of the road. After speaking to the owners of the table, we learned that they had recently acquired it from an estate sale. The man who made it was an artistic soul…….’ (You get the point right?), Do- ‘Freshly retouched solid oak vintage coffee table. No visible scratches, and the legs are very sturdy.’

b. Example: You are selling a couch. You are non-smokers, but have a cat. Don’t: ‘*no description* listed as “Used-Fair” as the condition’ Do – ‘Great couch, well loved, but does not sag in the middle, and no staining. From a smoke-free home. Solid wood frame, so it is a bit heavy to move. House has a cat, but there is no visible hair on the fabric, and there are no scratches.’

6. Last but not least, update your listing. If you have multiple items listed, as you sell them, remove them! People will not be happy campers if you do not remove your sold items. This will make you less likely to get return customers. They will see your aged posts and just assume that your item is sold and you forgot about it.

I hope these tips can help you be successful selling your wares on the Facebook Marketplace. If you have tips of your own, please share them :)


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