Facebook Marketplace Pro Tips - Buyer Edition

Hi my friends! Sorry, I did not realize that I did not publish this a week ago.. It was stuck in my drafts - oops...

Anyways, welcome to part two of how to become a pro at using Facebook Marketplace, and other similar platforms such as Kijiji, Trade Me, etc. Today’s tips are for the BUYER. I absolutely love purchasing products second-hand. I have not paid more than $70 for any single piece of furniture in my home. I’ll teach you the nitty gritty details to getting that sweet deal!

Buyer tips:

1. First thing I do is save the listing within Facebook. This comes in handy if you can’t decide if you want it just yet, or in case your hand slips (common, we’ve all been there) and now you can get back to it!

2. Assess the photos. This is your chance to find blemishes that you can use for a discount.

a. Look for holes, rips, staining, scratches, etc. – beauty marks essentially.

b. Look for structural issues – ie. Couch with a dip, broken clasp on a purse, etc.

3. Compare the price to similar listings/ cost to buy similar brand new.

4. Time to determine if it is already a good deal or not. Use your product assessment and price to do this.

a. Example: Women’s clothing lot – everything looks to be in good condition, 6 shirts, listed at $60. Decent deal, but will try to bring it down. Listed at $20 – GET IT NOW.

b. Example: Throw pillows x5 – minimal damage (ie. 4 are great, 1 is ripping at the seam). Listed at $20 – Good deal, but could probably get it down.

5. Look at the date it was posted.

a. If it was JUST posted and the price is high – let it sit (unless you really want it). Visit it again the next few days/weeks. The lister may have lowered the price, so now you can barter off an already reduced price.

b. If its already an aged post, they might be willing to part with it at a significantly reduced price.

i. Example: I really loved an office chair that was listed for $150 (purchased at $220 just a few months prior. ZERO damage. Looked brand new.) I offered $50. He obviously said no. Watched the price drop to $120, and even get relisted. After 3 weeks I noticed it still listed, so I messaged him again. I offered $70 – he countered at $80 – I said nope, $70. He caved, and now I have an awesome chair.

6. Determine if the seller has listed other items that you may want. (You can do this by visiting their commerce profile)

a. Screenshot all items that you are interested in

b. Total the asking price and then reduce that – this is what you will offer.

c. Bulking together is a great way to get a deal because that seller probably just wants the items gone!

7. Offer same day pick up, or immediate money transfer.

a. People want things GONE, so if you offer to pick it up right away they are usually way more willing to lower the asking price.

b. Immediate money transfer if you cannot offer same day pick up. This will let the seller know you are actually interested in the item(s).

8. Message the seller! – Do NOT ask if its ‘okay’. Tell them what you are offering – BE CLEAR AF. If you really want the item, be more reasonable, but if you could take it or leave it – hit hard.

a. My go-to’s are:

i. Bundling products: Total asking cost is $100 - “Hi, I’m interested in a few items you are selling. (I have sent screenshots of them). I could give you $60 for it all, and pick it up today?”

ii. Single product: Asking price is $200 for a couch – “Hi, I could give you $130 and pick it up today?” or Asking price for a dress is $40 – “….. you $15 and ….”

b. They will either agree, come back with a counter, or say no.

i. If they agree – you just got a smoking deal.

ii. If they counter – either take it, or counter again.

iii. If they say no, counter with something a bit more reasonable.

c. If the hard sell backfires, get a friend to message the seller a more reasonable deal. After being low-balled so hard by you, they’ll usually be more receptive to a new offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope that you can use my tips to get some awesome deals. I personally love the thrill of bartering, but I understand it’s not for everyone. I highly recommend you try it though. You may just fall in love with it 😊



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